Venetian Plaster

We specialize in providing high-class Venetian plaster for your rooms and ceilings. Venetian plaster, also known as polished plaster, Italian plaster or stucco, is the best way to make your home and work environment look stylish and luxurious. Venetian plaster can replicate the natural beauty of marble, stone or sand.

We are proudly using GIORGIO GRAESAN, a fine quality material for Venetian plaster containing only limestone and crushed marble which gives extra depth and texture to the walls. Our Venetian plaster is 100% natural and genuine from Italy, and contains zero VOCs to give just the right finish for your architecture style.

Venetian plaster is class A1 fire proof rated and does not wear off.

With a wide range of design and colours, you can create unique masterpieces for your walls and ceiling, fireplace surrounds, curved walls, columns and more.