Resistone microcement is a basic tool for interior designers, architects and a trend in decoration.

Creates unique spaces with continuous cover without visual breaks. Subtle textures and gentle natural looking marbling reminiscent of cement. It is applicable in bathrooms, showers, floors, walls, furniture, living rooms, kitchen benches and splashbacks, bedrooms and stairs, in exterior floors, in pools or facades. It is perfect for both Residential and Commercial projects.

Microcement systems are applied with a thickness of about 2-3 mm on almost any surface: cement, tiles, plaster, gib, villa board, etc. 

Resistone NATURE

Suitable for Walls, Bathrooms, Showers, Kitchen splashbacks and any wet areas & Furniture.

Natural organic look

The natural origin of the components brings an authentic organic look to Resistone Nature. With natural shadows and effects. Total matt finish is achieved.


Sustainable, eco-friendly coating, with a carbon footprint reduction means there is a minimal impact on the planet and climate change.

Materials come from natural origins.

Contains nearly Zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Offers the highest resistance levels on the market.

High performance

Cracking resistance: the system has elastic layers beneath that bridge cracking of the substrate so that there are no visible cracks on the top layer.

Due to the material, the product offers great Stain Resistance.

Resistone AQUA

Suitable for Exterior floors and Pools.

Exterior floors and pools are a challenge for any pavement or coating, and even more for continuous systems due to a series of factors:

The large differences of temperatures between winter and summer, and between day and night.

Less structures with floors that lay directly on the ground with no foundations.

The permanent presence of water in contact with the coating or ascending by capilarity from beneath the concrete.

The weather (rain, dew, sun and wind) during the application.

To tackle these challenging conditions, it is necessary to have a system with: extreme water and hydrolysis resistance, extreme adhesion and great elasticity.

Resistone meets all these requirements. With a profesional installation including a very good previous substrate treatment, an ideal, contiuous, reliable, stylish floor or pool is achieved.

Resistone EXTREME

Suitable for both Residential floors and Commercial high traffic floors and Walls

Resistone Extreme offers extreme chemical and physical resistance.

The base, intermediate, finish layers and the sealing were researched and developed to achieve maximum compression and scratch resistance.

Resistone FACADE

Suitable for exteriors

Very low water absorption, due to its composition and hydrophobicity. This grants a good antistaining capability.

Great Elasticity to avoid movement or fissures from the subbase to be translated to the coating.

Excellent Adhesion and Resistance.